The Key Session with Marah, Hot Diggity Flyers Games, and Primatives Mother F*@#ers!

The Key Studio Session w/Marah

The Key Studio Session w/Marah

Philadelphia, PA.->          Last month, StanzStudios’ owner, Adam Stan had the extreme pleasure filling in as guest engineer for 88.5fm WXPN‘s The Key Studio Sessions to record a live studio performance of the band Marah inside the World Cafe´ Studios.  Loading-in early on a Sunday afternoon, Marah was kind enough to still squeeze in the session before a gig that night.  Playing six songs, most of which where one take and done, even though the session was not live on-air.  That afternoon, Marah was just that focused, rehearsed, and extremely determined to make their gig that night.  Those are the descriptions and reputations that experienced, successful bands are known by.

Check out the review of The Key Studio Sessions with Marah, and listen to some of the tunes recorded as well.  Guaranteed to enjoy some downright wholesome music.  Eventually, you’ll hear in the Marah Key Session recordings, a 10 year old named Gus Tritsch.  Well, let me just say that this kid knows what it takes to play Rock N’ Roll!

Hot Diggity! Door

In other StanzStudios news, back at the start of the 2013-’14 Flyers season, the studio’s audio for media department, One Take Tommy, wrote and produced a 30 sec radio commercial for the “hot dog mecca of the world”, in Philadelphia, Hot Diggity.  To celebrate Hot Diggity’s expansion into the Wells Fargo Center,  97.5fm The Fanatic will be airing the fresh off the grill Hot Diggity commercial during all Flyers games broadcasts!  So put the next time the Flyers game on the TV, hit the mute button, and turn on the radio to 97.5fm (thats right I said the RADIO!) and listen for the exciting and entertaining commercial about the gourmet hot dog restaurant Hot Diggity.  “And After One Bite, You’ll Be Yelling, HOT DIGGITY!


Primatives in the control room – (left to right) Harvey, Buch, Daggan, & Ranshaw

From your air waves to your personal music player… StanzStudios has been producing audio content that will have your ears begging for more.  Since the beginning of the New Year, the ear drums of StanzStudio have been a buzz recording the band Primatives.  Primatives wants nothing more then to rock your face off!  A hard rock sound with a classic rock feel, Primatives will take you on a Rock N’ Roll journey that you have not been on in a long time.


Dave Harvey


Tim Daggan


Kyle Ranshaw


James Berardi


Guitars and Amps used during Primatives Sessions

A three guitarist band, Primatives play with heavy riffs and killer licks.  Making rockin’ songs with driving beats.  Rhythm guitarist and frontman Kyle Ranshaw, sets the tone.  Double tracking Kyle’s Les Paul puts the band in a whole other playing field.  Ranshaw’s lyrics stem from real life experiences with an attitude that can only be derived from living in a crowded small town.  Complimenting the rhythm and each other are lead guitarist’s Dave Harvey and Tim Daggan.  Their fast picking and memorizing melodies would give Edward Van Halen a run for his money!  Providing the heart beat and banging the skins is James Berardi.  James packs a big stick and plays the perfect pocket for three guitarist to play in.  And Andy Buch fills out the low end with his fat, round, full sounding bass tone.  You can’t help but to notice and be amazed at how many bass riffs Buch is able to fit into the Primatives big three guitar sound.

If you listen to Sabbath, Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, or even more grunge music, then your bound to be a Primatives fan.  Primatives are currently gigging around the tri-state area.  Most recently headlining the highly renowned main stage at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia’s China Town section.  Like the band’s Facebook page to keep up to date on the band future performances.  And stay tuned for the release of debut EP of Primatives!


Introducing: “Verging on Truth”

SarahFlynnCD-coverStanzStudios is proud to present: Verging On Truth the debut album by singer songwriter Sarah Flynn.  Recorded, mixed and mastered right here at StanzStudios.  Verging On Truth is Sarah’s visions come to life.  Captivated by the words that she sings, any listener can tell that this album is written from the heart, derived from life experiences.

Making this record was a fun, challenging, and rewarding creative experience for everyone who was involved.  Sarah had presented all ten songs to the studio with the vision of turning them into her first album.  What started from ten solo acoustic songs are now supported with full band arrangements.  The music and the lyrics for every song were written by Sarah and she also played the acoustic guitar on every single track.  Sarah is a gifted young lady who knows how to get results!

Lyrically Sarah gets her point across.  Verging On Truth will take you from coast to coast, Boston to L.A.  Reflecting on past relationships, asking the essential questions of life, with the occasional message to a higher order of power.  Her words are true to story telling in music.  They’re real, blunt, yet playful and hopeful at times.  Complimenting the lyrics, the band put together consisted of Zach Kennedy on Drums, Mark Wheeler on Bass, Charlie Bell on Electric Guitar and Mandolin, a cameo Piano part from Angelo Pinto on “Slippin’ Away” and a special thanks to the whole band of Party The Hut for some Party the Hand Claps on the song “The Reason.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Verging On Truth you can do that directly from Sarah on her website or at one of her live shows, also available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.  The song “Once Again” has already been featured on 88.5 WXPN’s The Folk Show with Gene Shay, “It’s Good!” – Gene Shay.  It’s hard to argue with that man.

But please like always, make sure to support local music!

Enjoy Verging On Truth


A Quick Update From StanzStudios

There’s so much music going on right now!

We’re talking Debut Albums, Singles, Mastering, EP’s, Jingles for corporate promotional videos, and two songs are going to be used for the credits of an Independent Film!  All projects are either done and waiting for their release dates or the studio is currently working on them.

If you have audio questions and/or are in need of an audio professional (Studio or LIVE), don’t hesitate, StanzStudios can do it all!

ALSO, big business moves are happening for StanzStudios in the near future🙂

More details on all of the above to come when they’re officially released, currently too busy to elaborate.

Stay Tuned IN!


I Record All Night, and Edit Every Day!

Click for vinyl conversion prices

Click for vinyl conversion prices!

On the last night of April in 2013, Linda Ronstadt’s “Greatest Hits” record is spinning on the turntable and couldn’t sound better!  Who doesn’t like the warm feel of a vinyl record?  Wouldn’t it be great if you listen your vinyls records on your portable music player?!?!  Well thanks to StanzStudios, YOU CAN!  Check out the new recording service from StanzStudios.  Digital HD Conversions of Vinyl Records! (Shameless self promo) They sound wonderful! Full record collections welcomed🙂

In other news, StanzStudios has been so busy as of recently, website updates have been getting completely neglected.  On this Tuesday night, the studio is all caught up on editing (yeah right!!) and no one is in the studio recording, it’s a perfect opportunity to update all of our followers. Where to begin? First of all, there are several recording projects going on right now.  New and returning artists to StanzStudios are currently creating music here.  Everything from debut albums, artist’s first full length, and to EP’s will all be released out of StanzStudios soon!

Sarah Flynn

Sarah Flynn performing live

A new artist who has been recording at StanzStudios since the beginning of the year is an extremely talented young lady, singer-songwriter, Sarah Flynn.  Sarah has been a friend of the studio for several years now. First meeting through 88.5fm WXPN where StanzStudios owner Adam Stan also records.  Sarah’s father John Flynn and her would perform live on-air on the Gene Shay’s Folk Show from time to time.  And finally upon her graduation from the University of Delaware, Sarah was ready to record her debut album.  An album comprised of ten songs, 100% written by Miss Flynn.  Sarah’s debut album will prove that she has already perfected the ability to harness and captivate listeners with her story telling.  Songs that really speak from within.  Oh and if that wasn’t impressive enough, Sarah actually plays the acoustic guitar herself on every song! Take that ____ ____ (insert really popular female Nashville recording artist).

Sarah tracking acoustic @ StanzStudios

Sarah tracking acoustic @ StanzStudios

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Sarah perform live already, than most likely it was a solo acoustic set.  That’s what will make her debut album so exiting and unique.  Sarah’s music for the first time is completely backed by a full band on the album.  Charles Bell plays electric guitar and mandolin, Mark Wheeler on bass, and Zach Kennedy on drums.  Sarah’s songs are reaching new dynamics and sounds never imagined before.  Prepared to have your ears captivated, delighted, and amazed.

Sarah is currently wrapping up overdubs and final vocal tracks in the studios.  Before we know it, we’ll be mixing a record. Stay tuned, great things to come from out of Sarah Flynn.

Novacane tracking vocals

Novacane tracking vocals

Novacane/Darq Raw @ The TLA May 2nd

Novacane/Darq Raw @ The TLA May 2nd

Next, a good friend of the studio Novacane has been stopping by more and more offten.  Recording and tracking more vocals. Sometimes literally writing lyrics on the spot or on the train ride over, true moment of insperation.  Novacane has be using the StanzStudios to master songs and entire play lists for upcoming shows.  Often performing in the City of Brotherly Love and now he’s traveling to the Big Apple for live gigs.  And what would a Philly Hip-Hop/Rap artist be without an entourage?  A valid question and something I can’t answer.  Novacane has been building not only a following but his own entourage.  Recently he teamed up with New York based artist Darq Raw on his track “Divide and Conquer,” both vocal parts tracked at StanzStudios.  A video for that song will be coming out soon.  Also make sure to check out both Noveacane and Darq Raw open up for KidInk at the TLA in Philly, Thursday May 2nd.

Joe LaRussa

Joe LaRussa

Another long time friend of StanzStudios is a man who goes by the name of Joe LaRussa. Some may know him as “Cup of Joe” because he has a severe addiction to coffee.  True story.  Joe has a book of fifty or so songs, poems, what have you, and for the longest time he has wanted to actually make some of those songs come to life.  But Joe doesn’t have a band, and doesn’t really perform live regularly. So for a brand new artist, crafting a sound, finding musicians to play the parts, a three song EP is the perfect thing to release.  Joe’s songs are heavy, yet happy, and full of power and emotion.  The blend makes for a one of a kind sound and artist.  Zach Kennedy also plays the drums on the “Cup of Joe” project.  Stay tuned from a release from Joe LaRussa very soon!

PARTY THE HUT @ StanzStudios

PARTY THE HUT @ StanzStudios

And what do you know, last but not least, PARTY THE HUT is back in the studio.  Quickly becoming the most frequent studio guest.  Forget about christmas music, don’t you even think that’s why their recording! PARTY THE HUT is in the studio recording original never before recorded music!  What a fantastic idea!

Brendan of PARTY THE HUT singing.

Brendan of PARTY THE HUT singing.

But this time, THE HUT sessions already feel different.  There is a new persona and purpose.  The band is more focused and more rehearsed then ever before.  PARTY THE HUT has written a collection of new songs (who knows how many at this point in time) which will become the band’s first full length, their official debut album.  With seven new songs already tracked it’s obvious that their songwriting has grown, they rock harder, they’re playing the blues, and oh yeah, they still PARTY!

I have realized that in the time it took me to write this entry, the three records that got spun where all released off Asylum Records.  Thanks Mr. Geffen.  Anyways, all this and much more is happening RIGHT NOW at StanzStudios.  Big musical releases and big studio moves in the near future.  Exciting time right now, become part of the action and book a recording session today!








Don’t Forget to Tie… Hire The Shoes!

The Shoes

The Shoes

Before being bombarded by this past holiday season, StanzStudios had the pleasure of having old and new friends The Shoes in the studio to record their promotional EP.  Not your typical band, The Shoes are THE premier up and coming cover band.

When I hear a live cover band or an original band play a cover song, I’m always most impressed by their variety in the song selection. Then of course how well they play.  And The Shoes are most impressive.  Having the advantage of a female lead vocalist (Karlie Sakoff) backed by a band that can play virtually any style and genre, The Shoes’ catalog is endless.  From rock to country to pop and even ska, The Shoes play it all!

The Shoes’ Promotional EP was recoded LIVE here at StanzStudios in just an afternoon.  Instantly from their first notes played The Shoes had that grove, the pocket was formed, and the party was rollin’.  Listen for yourself, The Shoes know how to keep your toes tappin’, your hips shakin’, and the whole room singing.

Contact The Shoes for your event, bar, or party TODAY!